Content Policy

We aim to provide you a safe and pleasant platform where you can be part of communities with common interests. The contents you create and post are the most critical component of the safety and privacy of all the users at oh! Circle. Below is the list of platform-wide rules that every user must abide by for any activities on oh! Circle. These rules are additions to other policies and terms including Circle Rules, Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Please help us create a safe and pleasant environment for everyone, including yourself.

Content Policy 1
You must comply with the Rules set by Circle Admins of the Circles you joined. These are additions to platform wide Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
Content Policy 2
You must not post explicitly sexual contents including pornography, descritpion of sexual organs or activities and any conetnt that makes the public uncomfortmable and unacceptable.
Content Policy 3
You must not post contents including hate speech raising hostility and violence against groups of people based on sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity, age and disability.
Content Policy 4
Contents that attack or hurt other users are prohibited. This includes bullying, threatening and insulting via posts and comments.
Content Policy 5
You must avoid spamming. This includes posting the same comments or posts multiple times.
Content Policy 6
You must not purposely act as another user, Circle or oh! Circle Admins.
Content Policy 7
You must not post content that contains sales and promotion of products and services. You must not ask for any monetary value to other users.
Content Policy 8
You should be mindful to post and comment in the relevant Circle and categories.
Content Policy 9
You must not practise any form of cyber attacks or break the website that result in technical harms or interference of other user activities.
Content Policy 10
Your contents must follow terms and rules under Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.
If you or your content violate or found to violate at any time, we will take appropriate action as below but not limited to:
  • Warning
  • Temporary or permanent suspension of your membership of respective Circles
  • Temporary or permanent suspension of your account and/or contents
  • Removal of your contents with violation