Admin Policy
Admin roles and terms
1.1 Circle Admins are oh! Circle users with critical responsibility to make our oh! Circle a healthy, safe and pleasant community. As a Circle Admin, you are entitled to set and control a wide range of functions and rules for the Circle. This entitlement must work for the collective value of the Circle, not for the interest of an individual or few selected members.
1.2 You must abide by the Terms especially set for Circle Admins, so please make sure to go through Terms of Use carefully.
Guidelines when creating a Circle
2.1 Your Circle must not violate Terms of Use and Content Policy. Any Circle that violates these Terms and Policy must not be created at all.
2.2 We recommend creating a Circle for a topic that you are highly interested in, as being an Admin requires responsibilities that are often hard to maintain if you do not have genuine interest. We also encourage users to create Circles with topics not existing yet in oh! Circle, however you can still create one even when there are existing Circles with the same or similar topic.
Guidelines when managing a Circle
3.1 You need to monitor and manage content (any form of content including but not limited to post and comment) based on Content Policy. Once content that violates Content Policy is posted and found in the Circle, you must take appropriate action. You can delete the content or withdraw the user who created the content with violation from Post management and/or Admin / Member page of Circle Admin Page. We oh! Circle Admins also try our best to identify and take appropriate action to inappropriate content that violates our Content Policy. Safety is the key to make our community healthy and pleasant, and you as a Circle Admin play a critical role to maintain the Circle safe.
3.2 We recommend having multiple Circle Admins to effectively manage the Circle. The number of Admins needed may differ by the number of members or how active the Circle is. Currently we limit 10 Admins per Circle.
3.3 We recommend revising the Menu available in the Circle to efficiently manage the posts and help your member access the right folders.
3.4 Please update Circle Information and Rules frequently when an update is needed.
3.5 If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us here. This includes any issues or concerns happening in the Circle. We do not guarantee the resolution of all the issues however we will try our best to support every user of oh! Circle.
Circle termination or transfer
4.1 You may consider deleting the Circle that you created, however we highly recommend to transfer the ownership of the Circle instead to other Admins, as there are so many members active in the Circle and content in the Circle is invaluable. The Circle is permanently deleted 2 weeks upon the request from the Admin, and this cannot be canceled after 2 weeks.
4.2 When transferring the ownership of the Circle to another Admin, please make sure that the new Founder understands rules, knowledge any nuances of the Circle that is required for the management of the Circle.
4.3 You can transfer the ownership here.
4.4 If you are inactive in the Circle as a Founder for more than two months, we consider your account dormant. We will transfer the ownership to the most active Admin (during two month period) in the Circle.
Again, thank you so much for keeping oh! Circle safe and pleasant!