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Compliments Circle

Hi there! Write anything you want compliment on, and comment only the compliments for others. Hope this could be a small gift to you!

Mums in Singapore

Hi everyone! This is a Circle for moms in Singapore. We can sharing anything about education, kids, family etc!

Singapore Foodie

This Circle is for anyone interested in restaurants, cafes and bars in Singapore! Welcome everyone :)

2024 New Year Resolution

This is where you can post your 2024 New Year's resolution!

Queenstown Residents Circle

Hi neighbours! This is a group for the residents in Queenstown, Singapore. Share latest news in the area, and connect with other residents.

SG Tampines Residents

Hello neighbours, this is for residents in Tampines. Let's share recent news and connect with our neighbours!

Places to go in South Korea

Hi all, let's share some places to go in South Korea

Rotterdam NL Foodie

What to eat in Rotterdam :)

Tanjong Pagar Residents Circle

Hi all, this is a group for the residents living in Tanjong Pagar. Hope we can share some info. Thanks.


Hi! Let’s play games together

Mummy and Child

This page is for mummies who want to discuss/talk about motherhood and their child. We can share recommendations of good deals and good products for our little ones!

Expats in Singapore

Hi all! This is a community for expats living and working in Singapore! Also welcome anyone interested in working in Singapore from outside. Enjoy!