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Naeum restaurant - Contemporary Korean cuisine!!


This is one of my favourite fine dining places in Singapore. 

Their classic menu is 198++, Signature is 258. They change the menu by episode, currently having fifth one. If it is your first time, I highly recommend to go for Signature because it includes their famous dishes like duckgalbi and somyeon. Below is the signature menu.


This is the "Madai - green pea - milssam" to start. Refreshing, the best to have drinks together. And presentation is really cute...!

Naeum Singapore

This is "duckgalbi", but this time they changed a little to skewer type. Previous menus had this duckgalbi in finger food. Taste wise, I prefer the previous one.

Naeum Michelin

"kampachi" - myoga, winter melon, goose berry. Refreshing, fresh ingredient, great pair with champagnes.

Naeum Michelin one star

This is their famous "somyeon". But for every menu they have different variation. This time it is buckwheat noodles with pork belly and kimchi! This was great - reminds me having k bbq with cold noodles.

Naeum Menu

"Dongchimi" with uni, scallop, red prawn - I personally really liked this because it is white type kimchi that I could not try before. A bit sour and refreshing. Great harmony with seafood! I heard there are hundreds of different types of Kimchi in Korea. Interesting!

 Naeum Korean

"Red Mullet" - with norangchoksu, canola blossom, fermented bean. Not an eye opener however just good.

Naeum Korean restaurant

"So bbq" - wagyu beef, sweet potato leaf, banchan. Safe option, but I really liked the banchan, which is like small side dish that comes together. The vege was really cute...

Naeum price

"Doeji-galbi bap" - pork ribs, corn rice, black truffle. They cook this rice in a huge clay pot (?) and the portion is really generous. At this point I was really full...

Naeum dessert

"Melon lime punch" - refreshing, good for cleansing!

Naeum review

"hotteok" - Multigrain, jujube ice cream, charcoal. This is from previous episode menu. Hotteok is one of the Korean street food / dessert.

Naeum course menu

OK the last one! jeongpyeon, gwapyeon, gangjeong, gukija to end. These are Korean traditional snacks.

Naeum dinner menu

This is my forth visit to Naeum. This was another great course and great value compared to other more branded Michelin starred or fine dining restaurants. Oh Naeum is young restaurant but they got one michelin star as well! One thing - it's quite a small place and it could get noisy... service is good.

Reservation in advance (1 month+ at least) is a must.

Please share if you also tried this place! and please recommend others too.. happy Monday :)

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Wow looks good. Is wine pairing worth the $ ??


I tried wine pairing last time. I found it worth it 😄

Their somyeon is amazing!! The new combi looks even better than the last episode's one 😝