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Flower Pig 360 꽃돼지 - another Korean BBQ at Tanjong Pagar


I found this new place called Flower Pig 360 with cute green colour store design. So I finally tried it out!

Flower Pig 360 꽃돼지 address: 46 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088467

We orderd "Pork Set A ($69)" that comes with Aged Black Pork 300g, Aged black pork neck 150g.

Flower Pig 360 Pork set

It's aged pork, so can't go wrong. I really liked the pork belly, it was juicy. Pork neck was not too bad, just so-so. They cook it for you, so you just need to eat!

Flower Pig 360

Flower Pig 360 Singapore

I really liked the side dishes. The tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) was good, simliar to what I had in Korea. The steamed egg was part of free side dish and it was with a lot of cheese and torched with fire... can't go wrong! I loved it.

Flower Pig 360 cold noodles

We ordered cold noodles and it was just alright. Good to be paired with korean bbq.

Flower Pig 360 Haagen Dazs

After we paid, we were offered to Haagen-Dazs ice cream! Looks like it's a free one after bbq. This was really pleasant ending.

Flower Pig 360 Menu

Flower Pig 360 Beef

Overall good, and I could walk-in on weekdays. But it was really full house so I recommend to make reservation. There are quite a number of good Korean bbq places, and this Flower Pig 360 is not my top 3 but still would like to visit time to time as it's quite value for money (and good side dishes).

But still my favourite Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore is Sodeng. Check out my Sodeng review here.

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