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Sodeng 소댕 review - a new Korean bbq restaurant by Um Yong Baek


Um Yong Baek is one of the most popular Korean bbq and pork & rice soup restaurants in Singapore. They recently opened a brand new Korean BBQ restaurant called "Sodeng" (소댕) !

Telok Ayer St, #175, Singapore 068623

Although they recently opened, reservation is a must. You can WhatsApp them to make reservation (85038253). Below is what we ordered and what they are popular with:

1.Woo-Dae galbi - SGD 42 / pax (min 2 pax order) 우대갈비

(72-hours marinated prime ribs using the finest cut of meat)

When I was in Seoul, there was a super popular Korean BBQ place with Woo-dae galbi and I was really happy that now I can get it in Singapore! It’s slightly marinated, sweet, juicy and tender. There are so many condiments and side dishes to go with. My favourite was with white kimchi, mozzarella cheese and pepper! Also try "Grilled Deodeok" together with the meat. They cook the meat for you and will guide you how to eat. Let me know in comment what was your favourite condiment!

Sodeng Sodeng Review 

Sodeng Um Yong Baek

2.Fresh Plain Duck - SGD 34 / pax (min 2 pax order) 오리로스

(Tender and succulent rooted young duck)

I know there is duck BBQ in Korea, just like pork or beef. This duck BBQ was really tender, no duck smell and fresh! Also goes well with the condiments, but the best with water parsley (minari) and chives. I recommend to have plain duck first then go for woo-dae galbi (because it is marinated).

Sodeng duck

3.Spicy Kimchi Cold Noodles - SGD 17 김치 비빔국수

(Homemade noodle with fermented kimchi and spicy bibimbap sauce)

This was interesting! I expected normal cold noodle but it has beef bibimbap sauce which gives you thick gochujang taste! Not too overpowering, light and refreshing! You should try this too.

Sodeng Cold noodles

4.Sodeng’s pot lid stir-fried rice (2 pax) - SGD 17 소댕 솥뚜껑 볶음밥

After bbq, it is a must to have stir-fried rice with the meat oil left. This is Korean kind of dessert after Korean bbq ;) A lot of carbs but really fulfilling taste!

Their dinner menu here - 

Sodeng Menu

I am in love with this place! They have high ball menu (quite low ABV and you can add shot) with other Korean drinks, which go super well with their menu. This is not paid content, 100% personal content. So happy to find this legit Korean bbq place!

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Omg this looks so good… thanks for sharing! how early did you have to make the reservation?

Galbi is the best


They recommended to make reservation 2-3 weeks in advance if you want a weekend slot :)


Yea!! Woo dae galbi was good! Also with the condiments ;)