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My kid is calling our helper, mom… what should I do


I am a working mum and I get back home around 7pm. My kid is 3 yrs old and he recently started to call our helper, mom… Helper is spending the most time with my boy and I am very sad to hear helper being called as mom… Our helper is very caring and a nice person but looks like somehow my son is confused. 

Has anyone experienced the same thing? My husband and I try hard to tell our boy that I am the mum and the helper is auntie, it is taking time I guess.

Just shouting out here... 

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I am sorry to hear this… You should teach your son that you are the mum. Do role playing or games that makes him to call you mum. This needs to be corrected ASAP.

@nadana thank you... we should try role playing. thank you for the suggestion