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What’s your favorite salad bowl in town?


My favourite is Heybo these days. I make my own bowl with baked salmon, soba, broccoli, cabbage salad and tofu.


I also like Daily Cut and Salad Fork, just that I am so into this combination from Heybo these days. And I just realised that I usually don't go for leafy salad as base... not losing weight while having salad bowl.. haha 🤦🏻‍♀️

Whats your favourite salad place in town? 

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I really like Grain Traders in CBD but too expensive....!

My go-to is omnivore! I love their smoked duck!

Stuff'd - Daily Bowl! and slightly cheaper than other salad places.


I like Omnivore too :) they've got huge portion

Not sure if this is counted... but I sometimes have salad from Mexican too haha like Guzman. Just safe option and less guilty