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Please recommend fine dining restaurant for girlfriend's birthday dinner


Hi, can anyone help to recommend few fine dining restaurants in Singapore, that you have been? Budget is $200-$250 per pax for food. No food allergy. We may have a glass of wine each. Looking for somewhere fancy, once a year to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday :)


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That's sweet of you :) I recommend Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse (below $200 per pax with a glass of wine), Rhubarb Le Restaurant (dinner starts from 138++ per pax), Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare (below $200 per pax), Wolfgang's Steakhouse (below $200 per pax), OSO Ristorante (below $200 per pax). I will add more if more comes to my mind. And obviously if you go for lunch, there are more options!

I liked Claudine Restaurant at Dempsey, their Bouillabaisse was really really good. Great ambience and service too. Naeum is unique Korean western restaurant, their classic menu is around $200, but need to make reservation quite early. Hope this is helpful!

@bagelmania and @coffeemorning, this is very helpful! thank you so much!