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Um Yong Baek - authentic traditional Korean Dwaeji Gookbob (Telok Ayer)



Actually... this place is better than standard places in Korea. That means, it is really really good.

Um Yong Baek (27 Boon Tat St, #01, Singapore 069623) specialises in traditional Korean pork and rice soup called 'Dwaeji Gookbob. I saw many Koreans every time I visit.

Um Yong Baek

Tried both Busan style Daejigukbab (SGD 21) and Milyang style Daejigukbab (SGD 21). I heard the difference is the region, Busan style is with clear broth while Milyang style is with thick broth. I personally like Milyang style, closer to what I had in Korea (but better!). So much good quality meat inside too.

Below is Busan style.

Um Yong Baek Singapore

It was two of us, but we also ordered Ohgyeopsal Sooyuk (SGD 45) the boiled pork belly, which was super tender and flavourful! It comes with some condiments which is even better together... I don't know what they did to the tofu but I even liked the tofu that came along... the galic was a heaven..!

Um Yong Baek Menu Um Yong Baek waiting time

This was too much for two pax but I always order like this.

For lunch they don't take reservation, so need to queue up from the app they have at the restaurant.

For dinner they have Korean BBQ (which I heard it is must-try from Korean friend) and do take reservation here. But it is too competitive...

Full menu here


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I saw the long queue last time during lunch so I gave up...!