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Story One Korean BBQ - new Korean BBQ (Tanjong Pagar)


There are so many Korean bbq restaurants in Tanjong Pagar and I found another new one!

Story One Korean BBQ - 60 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079323

First of all, the interior design is quite fancy and they were very attentive (good service!)

Story One Story One Singapore

I was super impressed with their side dish!! Variety of side dishes, and it taste like home cooked Korean dishes (that I could try from friend's place). Really not typical salty side dishes usually offered in other Korean restaurants.

Story One BBQ Story One Korean

First started with Japanese Kobe Wagyu Sirloain (Ribeye) - SGD 49 (100g). It was quite fatty but not overwhelming, which was good. Interesting that Korean restaurant has Japanese wagyu. I could see it was good quality meat (given the price..)

Then we also had Kobe Wagyu Tender-Loin - SGD 65 (120g). I personally preferred this more, it was more meaty. Again, good quality meat.

There was minimum order for meat, 2 portions (can mix like ribeye & wagyu or other type)

Story One Korean BBQ

Then we also had Iberico Pork Collar - SGD 39 (180g), which was not very special. It was still good but there are other korean bbq places that does this much too.

Story One Menu Story One SG

They cook it for you like this, so you can just eat! All service included in the price :)  I liked how they have the system that sucks up the smoke, so the whole place was not smokey!

Story One Price

To finish off, cold noodles (SGD 23) was good, I could see they really tried to make it icey!

Overall, it was quite pricey but great service, good ambience, good privacy between tables... great side dishes and good quality meat... just that it was expensive..! I will go back for company dinner or if I would liike to treat someone with this good settings and service. But... not for a normal meal for myself ;)


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Looks good! although it's expensive....