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Wild Child Pizzette - flavourful hidden pizza gem (Boat Quay)


This is quite a hidden gem... a small place but their pizza is GREAT. I have been here multiple times!

Wild Child Pizzette - 50 Circular Rd, Singapore 049405

The first one was Verde (24 SGD) - pesto, sausage, pickled onion.. sounds simple but it's really flavourful! The only downside is... pizzas are quite small in size, 4 pieces each. But that means you can order various pizzas on the menu!

Wild Child Pizzette

Next one was... experimental - Crispy Fried Margherita (27 SGD). Surprisingly it was not so oily, rather fresh because of the stracciatella! (good but I wouldn't order again ;))

Wild Child Pizzette Singapore

Next, we also had All’ Amatriciana (24 SGD), which was a safe option with smoked bacon. Simply tasty!!

Wild Child Pizzette Boat Quay

They also had pasta menu like Gamberoni (28 SGD), which was not bad but I would rather have more pizza!

Wild Child Pizzette Menu

They also have natural wine menu by glass, which was quite unique! Quite pricey given the small sizes, but really worth it! I always make reservation before heading there just in case...

menu here

Hope you like this place too!

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Wow it looks really good... if I visit next time I'll def try the pesto pizza! Thanks for the recommendation! 😋