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Badam - Korean sashimi in SG (Tanjong Pagar)


Hello! Anyone a fan of Korean sashimi?

Korean BBQ is quite common in Singapore... but I am also a fan of Korean sashimi and seafood. Recently I went to this place called...

Badam (22 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088445) - Located in Tanjong Pagar

I usually go for live halibut set, 200 SGD for medium size, which is perfect for 2 pax but sometimes good enough for 3 pax.


This is the main Halibut sashimi (광어) - very fresh! Great pair with Korean drinks too ;)

When you order a set, it comes with a range of side dishes... most of the times I cannot finish because it is too much! I could not capture all the side dishes but few are like below (they also have some exotic seafood that I never tried!)

Badam SingaporeBadam Tanjong Pagar

Ambience is nothing special or fancy, more like a local place in Korea, but not a big deal with this Korean sashimi :)

* Live Halibut set (200 SGD for medium)

* Hwayo 25 (60 SGD, Korean drink)

* Chung Ha (20 SGD, Korean drink)

Please share if there is any other good Korean sashimi place!

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Wow that's a lot of sashimi! and looks fresh