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Tanoshii - Great Japanese Wagyu Sukiyaki! (Orchard)


This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Singapore (that is not sushi omakase)!

Tanoshii (56 Cairnhill Rd, Singapore 229667) - located beteween Orchard & Newton

One interesting thing here is... you need to take off your shoes before entering the restaurant ;)

I went there with my close friends, and it was a fun night because the food and drinks were perfect, and the ambience here is quite different from other typical Japanese restaurants. I felt like I am in different country for a trip! You will get what I mean if you visit there.

My favourite one in the menu is WAGYU SUKIYAKI (98 SGD per pax, min 2 pax order). They serve with generous portion of vegetables and super tender wagyu. They cook for you at your table, so you can just eat while it is being cooked! The wagyu with the sauce was... a heaven.........

Tanoshii Tanoshii price

It inclues udon after having all the sukiyaki. A little mild and that was good because I could taste all ingredients.

Tanoshii Menu

We also tried their Osaka Okonomiyaki - legit okonomiyaki that is really rare in Singapore!

Tanoshii Wagyu

We also had sashimi ceviche which was a perfect starter. The sashimi was very very fresh although I think it is quite pricey given the portion.

Tanoshii Orchard

They have wide range of Sake (starting from 150 SGD for 720ml but they also have smaller ones too).

Tanoshii sake

*Corkage: wine / champagne: 40 SGD, sake: 50 SGD, whiskey / shochu: 60 SGD. Or 1 for 1 (order a bottle at Tanoshii, your bottle is waived)

* Wagyu sukiyaki (98 SGD per pax, min 2 orders)

* Sashimi Ceviche (8 piece 48 SGD)

* Osaka okonomiyaki (28 SGD)

* Sake menu from ~150 SGD (720ml)

Full menu here

Hope you enjoy this place!! I will post more if you are fan of Japanese food... :)


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Wow it looks so good. I am a fan of okonomiyaki, thank you for sharing! Do they also have wine menu?

I love this restaurant too! 😍