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Miraku at Tanjong Pagar has great value for money sushi Omakase lunch menu


Miraku address: 12 Gopeng St, #01-01 to 04 Icon Village, Singapore 078877

Lunch Omakase: $108 pp, Miraku Omakase: $228 pp

I heard this place was really value for money and they recently moved to Tanjong Pagar, so gave a try. To be honest, having an omakase at $108 in Singapore is a steal.

Miraku Lunch Omakase

This was one of the starters. The selection could be different day to day but it was really fresh. Perfect if you are having sake, beer or wine.

Miraku Lunch Sushi Miraku Lunch Menu

These are sushi that I had, and because it's omakase, the selection might change a little based on availability. It includes Toro and Uni, which is really value for money. It was fresh and nigiri was done alright. Not a extraordinary technique or ingredient, but it was above expectation at $108.

Miraku Lunch Miraku Lunch

and there were other cold dishes... not a huge impact..

Miraku Maze Don

For a meal I had mini maze don, a decent bowl of tuna and ikura.

Miraku Wagyu

To be honest, this was a highlight of the meal...A4 wagyu uni rice roll... done in sukiyaki way. The rice is mixed with uni. Love it! Ironally this wagyu was my favourite at this sushi place (other dishes were good value for money too).

Miraku Tamago

Of course, ending with tamago and...

Miraku Dessert

red bean ice cream (was good)

Miraku Menu

This was the menu.

Overall service was really good (they take care of you all the way), the food was super value for money. I will come back for lunch which was a steal!

Hope you enjoyed it, cheers

oh yea and this is not paid content.



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