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Bam! Tapas & Sake bar with great menu. Their lunch set at $48 is a steal.


This is a review for Bam! which is listed in Michelin Guide. The address is 38 Tras St, Singapore 078977.

I went there for business lunch on weekdays, and it was really empty and quiet, which was good for us.

We had Lunch Set ($48) and ordered two small tapas dishes.

Bam! Ankimo tofu

Ankimo Tofu with Caviar ($16 ?) - this was so so good! Total miss that we were not having wine. Delicate ankimo taste and the tofu texture is really soft. I really enjoyed it.

Bam! boneless chicken wings

Boneless Chicken Wings ($10 ?) was nothing special but "boneless" chicken wings. It was tender and good.

Bam lunch menu

This was the starter... and sorry I can't remember exaclty what it was but it was good...

Bam lunch pasta

This was the main - something like prawn risotto. It was like seafood paella, and I really enjoyed it. Great umami from seafood.

Bam lunch menu main dish

This was another option for the main, I didn't have it but my colleague said it was good.

Bam dessert

Lastly, the cheesecake dessert. It was great!

Bam! Singapore

It was this empty at lunch time. Their service is good, the food is awesome, and lunch set is $48 which I think it's a steal!

Next time I want to try again for dinner menu. 


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