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ONMI at Amoy Street - Classic Korean dining review


Long time I didn't write any restaurant reviews here! Recently I visited a modern Korean dining restaurant called ONMI, at Amoy Street Singapore.

Address: 107 Amoy St, Singapore 069927

Menu: course menu ($148++ per pax)



We started with "Tangpyeongchae" (left - Korean traditional wrap) and "Hobakjuk" (right - pumpkin puree). Looks good, nothing fancy just ok.

Onmi at Amoy Street

Aehobak (Korean Zucchini), Deo-Deok (Bellflower Roots), Dureub (Fatsia Shoots) - I haven't tried these ingredients before but they are good! Creative, good presentation and flavourful. The Dureub fries were done well! My Korean friend said these are really local Korean ingrendients. 

Onmi cleanser

A quick cleanser... Maesil (Korean Plum)

Onmi Singapore

Then we had a series of seafood! Jaet-Bangeo (Great Amberjack), Gab-Ojingeo (Cuttlefish), Sae-U (Blue prawn), Agwi (Monkfish). The monkfish was my favourite. This plate had quite strong seasoning, so if you are not having any drinks (wines, korean drinks etc) then you might find it salty. Great with drinks!

Onmi Korean

Bibim Guksu - a thin gochujang marinated noodle with Pyeon-Yuk (boiled and pressed meat) was just ok.

Onmi Galbi

Then we had the final meal, Galbi-Sal (Ganjang Marinated Short-Ribs), Yukgaejang (Spicy beef soup), Gondeule Bab (Korean Thistle Rice). The Yukgaejang was really really good! I can't find Yukgaejang often in Singapore, and was happy to have a hearthy one here. Galbi-Sal was not too bad but a little salty. The rice and soup can be refilled for free :)

Onmi dessert

Lastly, we had "Injeolmi" - Korean dessert with rice cake and rice cream. Simple good ending!

Overall, food was a little salty but will be good with drinks. It's value for money! The ambiance was kind of fine dining but staffs were still ramping I think... the service was not 100% smooth yet. Hopefully that gets better in few months. Oh lastly, if you have dietary restrictions, they manage it very well if you let them know in advance (seafood allergies).

Happy days!


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