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Jeju Sanghoe review - Korea Jeju cuisine in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore


I randomly found this place. Interesting becaue they focus on Jeju (island) food in Korea. Pork, seadfood...

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Jeju Sanghoe address: 74 Tras St, Singapore 079013

Spicy Halla Mountain Braised Pork Spare Rib Jeju Sanhoe Spicy Halla Mountain Braised Pork Spare Rib

Spicy Halla Mountain Braised Pork Spare Rib ($89) 폭발하는 한라산 등갈비찜 - they wanted to present something like "halla mountain" in Jeju Island, Korea. Good for photo taking and the portion is enough for 3-4 pax. Spare rib and sauce was so-so. I wouldn't try this again but maybe other menu.

Jeju Style Pork Noodle Soup

Jeju Style Pork Noodle Soup (large) ($29) 제주 고기국수 (특) - HUGE bowl is served. Quite a lot of meat inside. The broth is pork based, good! Huge portion, good for 1.5 pax. It's not super special but I think I will try this again next time.

Some of their drink menus were from Jeju too, eg) Jeju Hallabong Maggoli ($25) and Halla-san (Halla Soju) ($25).

Ambience inside is modern, quiet, and there was classic music coming out while we were there. Service is good enough. Will I go back? yes for maybe one more time. The food was so-so but there were so many other food that we wanted to try. 

Oh we walked in on Friday dinner time, and the place was like half occupied. 

Jeju Sanghoe

Jeju Sanghoe Menu

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