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Fico Review - Comforting Italian (Puglian) restaurant at East Coast Park. Great food, great service!


I know this place is very popular because reservation is full for next two months. I don't live near East Coast Park or not even in East but I travel all the way for this restaurant: Fico Singapore!

Fico Address: 1300 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Park Area F, 468964

Reservation is a must (at website)


San Marzano Tomatoes ($23) - I think this is their signature. 8” focaccia pizza, with super fresh ingredients. Simply delightful. This is quite filling but a must-try.

Fico Singapore

Grilled Pork Collar ($38) - the parmigiano white sauce was so good! There are only few main dishes, and this was a safe option.

Fico East Coast Park Fico Menu

Cannoli was good enough while Burrata Gelato was GREAT! Not something you can easily find from other Italian restaurants in Singapore. You should try!

 Fico Pasta Fico Price

Tagliolini ($38) - fresh pasta with huge scampi. Fresh, it was safe option.

Mafaldine ($30) - ossobuco, almonds, primitivo di Puglia. This was my favourite! Super flavourful sauce and this ribbon-shaped pasta (mafaldine) was the perfect match.

Linguine ($32) - Vongole was good too. I think some people might find it bland, but I personally don’t like salty ones so it was good for me.

Fico review

Oh not to forget this one... Eggplant Parmigiana ($26) - I thought it was simple vegetarian dish, but no-no. Super thick sauce, something like Lasagna! I bet everyone would enjoy this dish.

Fico SG Fico Italian

We absolutely enjoyed dining here, already went two times but made another reservation to try out other dishes. The atmosphere is somewhere like resort... relaxed... away from CBD areas... perfect for weekend relax (at least for me!)

Service is great (yep it's part of The Lo & Behold Group), staffs are all friendly. The restaurant is family and kids friendly too. This is my 100% personal content, not a paid one :) I think I wrote quite a lot today, hope this is helpful!!



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oh I know this place! Failed to make an online reservation.. I should try again. The food looks good! How's the wine price?


Hi there! the wine was avg $100 per bottle, below $20 per glass. Avg, so there are bottles below $100 as well.