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Popular Myung Ga II (명가 II) is now in Tanjong Pagar! The best donkatsu in town


Many might know... Myung Ga II is a popular Korean restaurant at Bukit Timah Plaza... and they finally opened another branch in Tanjong Pagar! Sadly I don't live in west so this is a good news for me. By the way, again, this is not paid content, 100% my personal experience ;)

Address: 28 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088451

Myung Ga II

This is their popular donkatsu ($20) - pork cutlet, Korean style! The sauce is different from Japanese style. I don't know how to describe, but you must try this. The pork cutlet is thick enough, and the portion is HUGE. I recommend to eat with kimchi (side dish).

Myung Ga II Tanjong Pagar

This Original Kimbap was decent too, and the price is reasonable at $11. I think it was a litle blend but I prefer that. Really balanced food with veges and protein. If you are a small eater than this should be good size... I am not ;) I usually eat Kimbap with tteokbokki ($17).

Myung Ga II (명가 II)

And sorry this is a bad photo - Haemul (seafood) Jjambbong ($19). Super hearty bowl with a lot of seafood (not in photo).. I was suprised at this price. The soup had really thick taste... even better than those at Korean Chinese places (tbh).

FYI - My Korean friend said this place is super authentic, run by Koreans, and popular among other Koreans in Singapore.

I hope this is helpful!! have a good one!

Below is few pages of menus but they have more.

Myung Ga II menu

Myung Ga 2 Singapore

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oh wow I know this place from Bukit Timah. They had long queue but still too good. Looks like they do pork bbq too. Thanks for sharing!