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Monte Risaia - unique Japanese Italian restaurant with free flow wines @ Duxton


This is a hidden gem...! Address: 59 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089523

First of all and most importantly, they have wine / drinks free flow option:

(1) $58 for 120 min (2) $70 for 150 minutes. You can mix from sparkling wine, red / white wine, beer. Super value for money!

Most of the seats are bar-sitting, with two small 4-ppl sitting tables. They are super attentive, your glass never gets emptied.

They have omakase menu and a la carte. Below was what we had at $98++ "Omakase Dinner Course" - which is 3 antipasti, 1 pasta, 1 carne / meat and 1 dessert. I think they recently changed the menu recently to $128 with 6 dishes.

Monte Risaia Monte Risaia Course menu

Wagyu ham & Buratta is a must have ($32 a la carte). They shave it in front of you. Melting, tender and super fresh! A perfect appetiser for wine! 

The risotto was good too - portion was just right. Surpringly it had wasabi and that was a kick!

Monte Risaia Pasta Monte Risaia Japanese Italian

The Signature three kinds dashi tomato pasta was perfectly cooked at al dente. Ingredients and sauce are not too overpowering. The full portion will be $36.

Meat changes time to time and we had smoked duck - this can't get wrong but I prefer the beef steak I ordered the other day as a la carte. I think it was around $78. The portion was quite small though.

Monte Risaia Steak

Lastly, this is not part of the course menu but my favourite dish here is sea urchin pudding.. a heaven! ($38) A super small bowl of heaven..

Monte Risaia Uni

The only downside is that... food is prepared quite slow. I think this place will be perfect for those having wines. I recommend a group of two because it is quite fun watching chef cooking.

Hope you enjoy this place! This is my 100% personal review, not paid!! ;) good day! xx


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