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Seoulizm - Retro style Korean BBQ with minimalistic design (Closed)


I passed by multiple times, now I finally could try this place. It was quite easy to make the reservation - on Saturday dinner itself. It's located next to Korean supermarket (Koryo Mart), so good to buy some Korean food products post meal! Their interior design is very minimalistic, simple and clean.

Address: 28 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088451

Two of us had BBQ Couple set ($69) - set of pork belly x1, collar x1, mentaiko steamed egg and spicy cold noodle. We also ordered CassChurum Set (2 Cass Korean beer and 1 Chumchurum soju) because it was Saturday dinner!


Seoulizm Seoulizm Tanjong Pagar

Super interesting side dishes (banchan), different from typical Korean BBQ places. I heard this silver round plate is 'retro' style, usually used by older people back then but now that is a trend in Korea. Interesting! These banchan was good enough with BBQ

The meat quality was not bad. Actually good, given the price. It is thin slices and that's the type of meat they serve, also in Korea for these 'retro' style BBQ places. I like it!

Seoulizm SG Seoulizm Singapore

The mentaiko steamed egg was good, the noodle was quite blend, better if you have it with meat - all in set.

Overall, value for money.

+ this is 100% my own experience, no paid advertisement!

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Thanks for sharing! Do they cook the meat for you? and do you feel it's kids friendly?


Hi! Yes they cook it for you at the table. and I think it is kids friendly, I saw kids when I was dining. :)