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Ballet under the Stars, Singapore Ballet at Fort Canning Green (Sept) - Has anyone tried?


If you are looking for an outdoor musical activities, check this out! Especially if you have a girl interested in ballet and music!

Ballet under the Stars by Singapore Ballet, at Fort Canning Green

Fri, 1 Sep 2023 - Sun, 10 Sep 2023

It's $55 per ticket (I think it's expensive)... but there are some discounts for children and group buy for family ($44 pp). Has anyone been to this before and was it worth it?

"It’s a picnic and ballet party out at the legendary Fort Canning Green! There’s nothing quite like taking an evening out to relax and unwind with a picnic under the stars and exquisite ballet on stage..."



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We love Ballet under the stars! couldn't go for this round... they also have in US and Australia!