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67 Pall Mall review - a wine membership club in Singapore


I know there was a hype in Singapore when 67 Pall Mall was opened from London in Singapore in 2022. Located at the Orchard Shaw Centre Penthouse, 67 Pall Mall Singapore is a wine membership club in Singapore, that houses 1,000 wines by the glass and over 5,000 different wines.

67 Pall Mall Singapore

You will need to have the membership to access 67 Pall Mall, or your friend with membership can invite you along. This membership can be used in London or other regions too. You can apply for the membership and it needs to be approved from 67 Pall Mall team. For anyone interested, below is the membership fee info (or link here):

SGD 3,000 joining fee except for those under age 30 and monthly membership fee applies as below:

Standard: SGD 300  |  Under age of 35: SGD 225  |  Under age of 30: SGD 200

Wine Professional: SGD 150  |  Joint Membership: SGD 75


The food menu at 67 Pall Mall is delicately curated and executed by Chef Galvin Lim of Les Amis Group. You will find fine seafood menu like caviar and oysters, or a rage of charcuterie. I recommend to try 67 Bang Bang Burrata, that comes with crispy you tiao. A signature menu, super interesting! (Menu here)

67 Pall Mall Singapore Price 67 Pall Mall Singapore menu

67 Bang Bang Burrata (SGD 29), Tenderloin (SGD 78) or Ribeye (SGD 118)

Their brunch menu is also well-executed, nothing special but 100% of what you would want for brunch. 

67 Pall Mall Membership

Eggs Florentine (SGD 28)

You will find extensive wine menu from iPad, and you can search by different filters. Also good to have recommendations from sommeliers (there are so many sommeliers!) I love that they use Zalto wine glasses for everything. Wine price starts from 10 dollars per glass to... beyond the roof for rare bottles. Their wine price is super reasonable, much affordable than other restaurants with too high margin. So fun to find the good wine for food and with friends.

67 Pall Mall wine price

Their service is always 10/10. So friendly and attentive.

Upstairs, there is a cozy whiskey and cocktail lounge - great for talks. Cocktails are not special, just so-so. Recommend to have wine or whiskey here. They also have outdoor seating on the second floor, where you can view orchard.

67 Pall Mall Bar

I hope this review is helpful! 67 Pall Mall is a good choice if you love wine, often enjoy wine or want to discover rare, good wine with fine food.

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