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Any good cafe in Queenstown? Near MRT


Hi! I recently moved to Queenstown, and I like this place! Just one thing... I haven't found any good cafe or coffee place in Queenstown...

Any recommendations? Thank you so much!

Hope we can connect more!

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Hi jumpingbunny! Welcome :) There is Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee, 10 min walking distance from Queenstown MRT. They have specialty coffee, pour over and also good with espresso or flat white. Very high quality coffee. Good ambiance too! Not a cafe with meal but they have few dessert menu too. Other than that it will be Starbucks at Anchorpoint.

Thank you coffeemorning !! I will visit Tiong Hoe Specialty coffee :)

I go to Tiong Bahru for coffee fix or brunch! many good cafes there...

Do check out Seeds Cafe at Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive. It’s located inside the special needs school. The food is nice and portion is generous. The cafe also provides training for special needs people, so it’s for a good social cause too.

@nadana thanks! yes definitely :)
@MissBliss I see and agree! This is a new one for me, and I googled, it's affordable than other places too. One more place to try here, thank you so much!