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Anyone been to Legoland with kids, Johor Bahru?


We are quite new to Singapore, and trying to explore here and there. I heard about Lego land in Johor Bahru.

Has anyone been there with kids? Do kids like it much? Do you recommend trying and also staying at the legoland hotel there?

Thank you in advance!

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Yea kids will like it if they are in primary school or below. You can stay one night if you are going for both theme park and water park. Otherwise you can come back to SG on the same day. Legoland hotel... is so-so and not value for money but kids will like it because the room is decorated with lego and so is hotel itself.

@pandagirl thank you! how much was the Legoland hotel per night? I see almost $300 per night..!

Last year when we visited, it was $200+, looks like it got more expensive. Yea so not value for money... ;) but kids will like it

You can also visit Johor Premium Outlets if you are staying one night there! it's close to Legoland